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Places! stands for:
Play Acting for Children in English

Places! - a venue where children have the confidence to express themselves in English, a place where they feel comfortable and can grow not only in confidence but in imagination and creativity.

Feedback from past and current parents reinforces my belief that drama helps children overcome inhibitions. Places! provides a safe environment to explore, take risks and insight into different perspectives.

Drama promotes active learning
Studies show repeatedly that drama yields a greater depth of understanding as well as a marked improvement in retention. The drama student is not a passive recipient but rather an active participant and he/she engages at a much deeper and personal level than simply being 'given' the information.

The idea for Places!
The idea for a play acting group was the result of numerous requests from my children, both of whom love to perform before an audience.

The idea has developed somewhat since then...

A fun-filled evening was had by both students and parents/family in March 2019 at our evening of short scenes and improvisation.
2018/2019 was our eleventh year in which we performed
The Sound of Music.

Additional past productions include
James and the Giant Peach, The Wind in the Willows, Strictly Panto and Looking for Mr. Bunny.

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