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Places! stands for:
ay Acting for Children in English

Places! - a venue where children have the confidence to express themselves in English, a place where they feel comfortable and can grow not only in confidence but in imagination and creativity.

Drama promotes active learning
Studies show repeatedly that drama yields a greater depth of understanding as well as a marked improvement in retention. The drama student is not a passive recipient but rather an active participant and he/she engages at a much deeper and personal level than simply being 'given' the information.

The idea for Places!
The idea for a play acting group was the result of numerous requests from my children, both of whom love to perform before an audience.
The idea has developed somewhat since then...
2018/2019 is our eleventh year of classes and performances, watching the children form a tight unit, supporting each other--none more so than in our last production:
The Sound of Music. Additional past productions include James and the Giant Peach, The Wind in the Willows, Strictly Panto and Looking for Mr. Bunny.

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